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Hi, I'm Debbie. Just a little about me...


I am a lifelong learner; I value not just formal education but the kind of education you get from living life. 

I was a young bride, mother of two and then became a single mom, working hard to support us. No regrets, we learned a lot of life's lessons along the way. 

My children grew as children do, I worked many different jobs and I learned what I enjoyed and what I didn't. But mostly I learned that what I needed was connection, connection to people, nature community and spirit. 

While searching for what drives me, I realized that working with people at all levels was most important to me. 

My background is varied, but always runs along the same line. Disabled children and adults, working in schools, teaching on the job training programs for youth coming out of detention, working in childcare for and with the military. Then going into the medical field and with great pride and honor I started working with the military and that has lead me to where I am today.

I value what I have learned along the way. I believe that my path was intentional. I have always known for every new job, new challenge, and the new people I have met along the way, it would lead me to where I am and where I am most fulfilled-right here with you. 

If you feel a tugging or hear a little voice softly saying, maybe I should learn a little more about Debbie. Contact me and let's talk, we might find something to talk about. 


Debbie Crader

Life Coach 

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