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Believe in Yourself

Interactive Workshop

Get the most out of decision-making and commitment 
Objectives: Discover what is important to you, identify what's stopping you, learn to trust your inner knowing, and build the steps to get to your best self.
Exercises: During this 4-hour workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of how to create the version of our life.
Dream Big
  • What do you really want? Let's hone in on what most important.
Wheel of Life
  • How balanced is your life? Where do you want to focus your time and energy?
Trust the Unseen
  • Trusting your intuition. You are your most powerful resource. 
*This Class can be one on one, online or in person
Want more details about the class?
  • Decision and Commitment, what do those words mean to you?
  • Deep breathing is a critical part of being healthy.
  • Dream Big, the first step in any journey is to have a dream. What's your dream?
  • Find out what you want more of in your life.
  • Take down the brick walls that keep you stuck.
  • You will remember your inner knowing.  
  • Living with Intention and how that  brings us back to Decision and Commitment
This is a 4 hour interactive workshop, with lots of hand outs, thought provoking conversations  and soul deep effects.
It's All in the Knowing
Debbie Crader 
Certified Life Coach
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